2018 Committee Members
Ron Grabbe / President
Rod Ratcliffe / Vice President
Sheila Jeffrey / Secretary
Tracey Ramsden / Treasurer
Mitch Olds / Men’s Coach
Ronona Cuffe / Woman Coach
Jenny Rasmussen / Junior Coach & Catering/medals/admin support
Darren Smith & Bec Rasmussen / Social/Novice/AP Coaches
Cliff Harris / infrastructure, canoe racks & lockers
Shona Muckert / Social media and website
Mitch Olds / Committee member
Mitch and Grant Olds / Gear Stewards
Craig Ebneter / Mens's Registrars
Lyn Loney / Women's Registrars
Debbie Zanker / helps where needed
Jenny Lawson / Grants/Funding

Gayle Mayes - Whilst Gayle decided not to stand for a position on the Committee this year, Gayle continues in her very important role as adviser for Health & Safety and Certification for the Adaptive Paddlers. Thank you Gayle.

Life Members of Mooloolaba Outriggers

Doug Sculler

Robin Cristiana

Danny Sheard

Russell Shakespeare

Jenny Rasmussen

Allan Rasmussen
Simon Reeder

Celeste Reeder 

Ron Grabbe.